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The Second Amendmant

We need to ban box-cutters and cars and clothes.

These are the tools of the modern day international terrorists.  With them they crashed planes into the twin towers,  they used others to drive bombs into our building and bases and checkpoints.  And yet they nefariously covered there human bombs in clothes to hide their intent.  So we need society to walk around naked and have the inability to stock our shelves in the grocery market.  I feel safer already!

So now after a very recent tragedy we are being attacked again by those who would remove the only way to protect ourselves is by removing the instrument we can use to protect ourselves.  They say we combat evil in the world by removing the fight from those who would stand to protect ourselves. Can we wait for the police or security fairies to show up at just the right time and wave their wands.  Heinous acts being used for political positions have been used through the ages.  Remember the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, 911, and such.  Ted Lieu posted several more crimes of those who would use guns not revealing the double standard that we all can’t have special security forces on guard outside our house nor we some of us want them.  The unknown factor of indiscriminate deadly force keeps those who would brutalize society from getting stronger.  An analysis of history shows  for tyranny to exist you must first disarm the general population.  We are a nation because we kept our “weapons” and did not relinquish them to the British Overlords per se.  Is it a perfect solution?  No!  We are an imperfect people.  Our hope and freedom remains not in the ability to defend ourselves perfectly but in the hope for a better future.  If laws could stop evil, it would have been eradicated years ago.  Plus if we keep redefining our morals lower and lower than what?  Without any standards in an amoral society it will be every one for themselves and the great american experiment in self governance is over.  It is more than a popularity contest in democracy.  Being able to disagree non violently depends on the ability to defend oneself.  The slaughter by a domestic terrorist needs justice but when the terrorist is already dead there is nothing left but to weep for the lost and vow to better protect the ones remaining by being vigilant and realizing the world has changed and we need to as well.  Removing the ability to defend oneself is a cowardly way to give up in hope of what?  Train and equip those in school to defend our children.  To not is to try to imprison them in a cement bunker with no hope.  A nonviolent approach in the use of deadly force is an oxymoron that has served us well for over two centuries.

Being able to defend one self and ones castle and family is one of the linchpins that hold our Constitution together.  It allows us to continue to struggle with providing a better future for our children and their children.  Do we all need to stock up on guns and ammo because of the threat from those who believe in just being nice will solve the problems of evil through diplomacy?  I say you first. Am I saying give our political leaders no protection other than their wits?  NO!  They are free to walk around and chose to have no weapon other than pepper-spray.  We have embarked on a disaster of our own making.  The ship has sailed full speed ahead.  Quick rearrange the deck chairs!

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