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Our current Leaders need to lead base on their convictions and hold to their oaths of office!

Dr. Ben Carson inspires me!

CARSON: Did you really hear what I said?
America’s so tired of intimidation, distraction games

To the people who ascribe to the theory  of “it’s the law we should enforce it irregardless” miss the feckless attempts to wrest freedom from our grasp.  As if a ‘poorly written’, unread law voted on by only one party could who sway over all of America.  They missed the point of how precious is the gift of freedom that only God can bestow on us and cannot be taken by force or legislation.  This re-fighting of WW1 style trench warfare, with the threat of poisonous gas and machine guns, favored by both parties do not realize that a Tank of discontented, disenfranchised will roll over both parties come next election day.   This forgotten majority need to courageously raise its head and realize that the slings and arrows of their keepers of the political ‘status quo’ do not hold sway over them as long as they vote for personal liberty and freedom.  There is no idea more powerful than the one whose time has come.

Remember this, NO one believed that the original 16 colonies, who could not agree over a lite beer, could manged to wrest it’s fate from the all powerful British naval superiority.  After the victory they wrestled and debated but eventually came together and wrote a federal constitution modeled much on “The Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, the Mayflower Compact, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation.” 

It has been in the crucibles and experimentation’s of the now 50 states, all trying different approaches of the concept, ‘can Man govern himself’.  When the federal government oversteps it’s constitutional authority to impose it’s will on all , everyone loses some of the bloodstained concepts and hopes of freedom and liberty bestowed by Our Creator.

I read and see many of our elected leaders are still involved in the childish rule of foursquare where one makes up rules to retaining control of square a as if playing the game was their highest achievement and retaining power is the only goal and I pray for some mature statesman to stand and say the goal is individual freedom that comes from individual responsibility.  To do any deal with the devil is a bad deal.  And we need to ascribe to a higher ideal than one passed by The Raiders founder AL Davis, “Just win Baby”. 

 We all say like our military does,

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960)”

We need to hold our elected officials to their oaths as well,

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

I like the 1789 oath for congress’ 

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”   It is simple and easy to understand why we all need to know what the Constitution really says and it’s limits and structure and its attempts to insulates from one group of people holding sway over another and usurp the power of the individual.

Bad laws need to be changed or abolished.  Being drunk with power is far worse than being drunk from any other substance.   We fight by voting and by debating and discussing, do not be silenced by your critics hissing and guffaws.

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The real Gun Debate Starts Here!

This whole Quasi gun Debate reminds me of Stalinist/Mao/Communist/tyrannies in that if you disagreed with their policies you must have a mental defect because who would not love socialism or what ever rules they want to impose.  The really smart people who should be under a doctors care already know if they go their freedom to listen to their voices would be impinged.  At the crux of this is ability to put a loved or unloved one into a evaluation process that requires and honest answer which even if possible may be improbable if not impracticable.  Being able to defend oneself from the deranged, pales in comparison with the ability to protect one’s self, family, and lively hood from increased tyranny of the elected.  With no established norms then society (the majority) gets to decide what is normal.

As far as a debate this can only go on with the protection of the second amendment.  The right to bear arms is tied with the responsibility to be able to bear arms effectively.  Getting together with you neighbors to discuss the safety and security of your neck of the woods is not forming a militia to overthrow the government.  It is an opportunity to discuss disaster preparedness (ie Earthquakes, fires, natural disasters and man made disasters in all of the permutations and variables.)  Our bigger issues is the marketing of evil as normalcy and the sad nihilism glorified in Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.  We can push back against tyranny of the ever expanding federal government using our local town government to start with.  volunteering to helping one another by Healing the sick , making the lame walk, giving sight to th blind,  helping the deaf to hear,  setting the captives free, should be everyone’s mission. 

The whole discussion should be based on the Grace received and given in Love through the creator’s self sacrifice, through Love, by love.  This is not a the role of the pacifist but by those who seize the kingdom by force.  Through the weapons of prayer and good works and the willingness to suffer for doing what is right, instead of because of what they did wrong.   Frankly without an understanding of the implication of the life death burial and Resurrection of Jesus we stand already condemned as enemies of God!

The Second Amendmant

We need to ban box-cutters and cars and clothes.

These are the tools of the modern day international terrorists.  With them they crashed planes into the twin towers,  they used others to drive bombs into our building and bases and checkpoints.  And yet they nefariously covered there human bombs in clothes to hide their intent.  So we need society to walk around naked and have the inability to stock our shelves in the grocery market.  I feel safer already!

So now after a very recent tragedy we are being attacked again by those who would remove the only way to protect ourselves is by removing the instrument we can use to protect ourselves.  They say we combat evil in the world by removing the fight from those who would stand to protect ourselves. Can we wait for the police or security fairies to show up at just the right time and wave their wands.  Heinous acts being used for political positions have been used through the ages.  Remember the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, 911, and such.  Ted Lieu posted several more crimes of those who would use guns not revealing the double standard that we all can’t have special security forces on guard outside our house nor we some of us want them.  The unknown factor of indiscriminate deadly force keeps those who would brutalize society from getting stronger.  An analysis of history shows  for tyranny to exist you must first disarm the general population.  We are a nation because we kept our “weapons” and did not relinquish them to the British Overlords per se.  Is it a perfect solution?  No!  We are an imperfect people.  Our hope and freedom remains not in the ability to defend ourselves perfectly but in the hope for a better future.  If laws could stop evil, it would have been eradicated years ago.  Plus if we keep redefining our morals lower and lower than what?  Without any standards in an amoral society it will be every one for themselves and the great american experiment in self governance is over.  It is more than a popularity contest in democracy.  Being able to disagree non violently depends on the ability to defend oneself.  The slaughter by a domestic terrorist needs justice but when the terrorist is already dead there is nothing left but to weep for the lost and vow to better protect the ones remaining by being vigilant and realizing the world has changed and we need to as well.  Removing the ability to defend oneself is a cowardly way to give up in hope of what?  Train and equip those in school to defend our children.  To not is to try to imprison them in a cement bunker with no hope.  A nonviolent approach in the use of deadly force is an oxymoron that has served us well for over two centuries.

Being able to defend one self and ones castle and family is one of the linchpins that hold our Constitution together.  It allows us to continue to struggle with providing a better future for our children and their children.  Do we all need to stock up on guns and ammo because of the threat from those who believe in just being nice will solve the problems of evil through diplomacy?  I say you first. Am I saying give our political leaders no protection other than their wits?  NO!  They are free to walk around and chose to have no weapon other than pepper-spray.  We have embarked on a disaster of our own making.  The ship has sailed full speed ahead.  Quick rearrange the deck chairs!

Rep. West accuses Florida Democrats of ‘nefarious actions’ in early voting – The Hill’s Video

Rep. West accuses Florida Democrats of ‘nefarious actions’ in early voting – The Hill’s Video.

If this had happened to a democratic nominee, would there be no end to spewing of the charges of racism.

An unnatural fear of allowing people to keep what they earn and live free would be called by what term?

Who controls your Morale? The rich and powerful?

Raising the moral of the Middle class is not dependent on the whims of the wealthy  or powerful if it were we would never have risen from our roots as a colony. It is the dream of freedom and liberty that spurs us on. In the belief that no matter what if we worked hard save and invest we can create wealth for ourselves our children and our children’s children. WE base this hope in the Divine promise of joy that come with giving, not amassing wealth for wealth’s sake. Of honoring our Creator with our first fruits and giving as God has blessed us. To the Hebrews this meant a tithe and the bringing of the sacrifices of husbandry and field. Jesus said it this way “pay what you owe to Caesar and to God what you owe to him.” His coverage of the temple taxes through providence indicates our faith needs to be in this providence so that no matter who is elected or what taxes are imposed. no matter how onerous, we can depend on the creator to provide all of our needs and more than an earthly father.  His desires are to give us much of what we desire. Our roles is to be good stewards of His largess and live like the sons and daughter of the King honoring Him in all we do.   After all who is more powerful and rich than the Lord God creator of the universe and all it contains!


Building the Best Redondo Repost

No One Truly Owns the Land

Land Everybody should have some. Not just to hold but to work on and improve and grow and build being Grateful to God for the work He or she has been given to do.

I am not for a minute suggesting we need to go back to an agrarian society however attractive that may seem it was a tough way to earn a living and life expectancy was often rich and full it was often shorter.

Endowed by our creator we claim these rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The latter often is only achieved in the journey not the destination as Happiness as we define it today is so transitory. Like the Illusion of owning the land. No really owns it. All we can own is the right to work it and improve it and our lives in hope. Recently the Un offered an opinion that is so UN American Native Indian.

I was always taught that the Native’s who were here when our ancestors stepped out of their boats was no one can own the land. And to this they were correct, however they did fight tooth and nail for the hunting rights and grazing rights. Our Native american Indians were in a state of constant war and invading and conquering and torturing and slavery was a common way of doing business as they say. Life expectancy was very short if any lived past 50 they were revered as a wise elder. Because they achieved what so few did, Living past 50. either they were extremely wily, lucky, valiant, or all the above.

Which brings us back to the original premise  no one owns the land, God bestows it for us to be good stewards of it. It is not to be owned by some huge Governmental agencies that treats us all life children at best, serfs at worst. The Government was never meant to be the largest landowner in the USA. Until recent history the land acquired was redistributed to the citizens for their ownership and industry.

The land now held by our own Government needs to be given back to the people, period. Saving it our children’s children by not letting anyone use it travel on it develop is UN-AMERICAN. It speaks of a King and Lords and vassals, serfs. Which vanquishes all hope. WE escaped this from Europe and there are those who wish to return us to this system of life with its shorter life expectancy, corruptness, and strife.

Who controls all of the Student loans one Trillion dollars worth? The US Government. Who want to control one fifth of the economy through our medical. The US Government. Who wants to control who lives or dies through abortion and euthanasia to refusing medical care.  The US Government.  Who wants to controls the most Land through the EPA the Clean Water Act, the Environmental Wackos (The preservationists), the national parks system, ….etc. The US Government. Call it a Park and treasure and then put up a fence to keep everyone out! Who wants to control the education system from K through 12 and now through college? The US Government.

In a thinly veiled attempt to secure votes President Obama went to our colleges and basically state if you want to keep you low-interest rates and have your debts forgiven in 20 years. Vote Democrat. Insanity, the carrot and then cede freedom control and then the grave at their choosing not your own.

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