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The Amazing Provision of God

Monday I was making some lemon marmalade and in the process of preparing the fruit I was removing the seed and bitter parts, I reflecting that each seed could potentially grow a new tree.  In time with water and weeding and fertilizing I could have 50 to 100 trees from this one batch alone.  An amazing abundance is provided for us, when all we have to do is plant and water and the seeds grow.  While it takes some effort, some concern to keep the weeds and other predators out, that’s about it.  I will prune it so I can pick it but in time I will have and orchard that is overwhelming.  With the planting of some fruit trees I and my family and friends enjoying each season of fruit and by preserving it we enjoy it’s sweetness for the times when there is no fresh fruit.

I consider this metaphor of what I am supposed to be doing through the extending God’s love through the power of his spirit and bearing fruit.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”  Galatians 5:22-23

If God can produce fruit in and through me would it not also have seeds that could grow an orchard if it get watered and tended?  Do you see how it works when through the life of one man the world can be changed forever?  This gift of grace is amazing.

Through His loving discipline God prunes me as he is preparing me to flourish and make the fruit accessible to others.  Through my wounds and flaws I produce more fruit since we are grafted onto him directly, my production is in direct relationship to the source of nourishment.    I merely have to remain in Him.  This is not to say I do nothing because he prunes and through faith/obedience I can have confidence that whether I grow crooked or scraggly I can bear fruit as he is there to tend my life and help me up when I fall and all I we do is remember to always look back, to just remain in him.  As the fruit is harvested I know if the seeds are just not cast into the compost although they flourish there as well.  Through death comes life!


The real Gun Debate Starts Here!

This whole Quasi gun Debate reminds me of Stalinist/Mao/Communist/tyrannies in that if you disagreed with their policies you must have a mental defect because who would not love socialism or what ever rules they want to impose.  The really smart people who should be under a doctors care already know if they go their freedom to listen to their voices would be impinged.  At the crux of this is ability to put a loved or unloved one into a evaluation process that requires and honest answer which even if possible may be improbable if not impracticable.  Being able to defend oneself from the deranged, pales in comparison with the ability to protect one’s self, family, and lively hood from increased tyranny of the elected.  With no established norms then society (the majority) gets to decide what is normal.

As far as a debate this can only go on with the protection of the second amendment.  The right to bear arms is tied with the responsibility to be able to bear arms effectively.  Getting together with you neighbors to discuss the safety and security of your neck of the woods is not forming a militia to overthrow the government.  It is an opportunity to discuss disaster preparedness (ie Earthquakes, fires, natural disasters and man made disasters in all of the permutations and variables.)  Our bigger issues is the marketing of evil as normalcy and the sad nihilism glorified in Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.  We can push back against tyranny of the ever expanding federal government using our local town government to start with.  volunteering to helping one another by Healing the sick , making the lame walk, giving sight to th blind,  helping the deaf to hear,  setting the captives free, should be everyone’s mission. 

The whole discussion should be based on the Grace received and given in Love through the creator’s self sacrifice, through Love, by love.  This is not a the role of the pacifist but by those who seize the kingdom by force.  Through the weapons of prayer and good works and the willingness to suffer for doing what is right, instead of because of what they did wrong.   Frankly without an understanding of the implication of the life death burial and Resurrection of Jesus we stand already condemned as enemies of God!

Without a Christmas tree

Gerald Jerry Patrick Wood wrote:

Without a Christmas tree © Gerald Jerry Patrick Wood 2012

Looking back on all those days and all those times of stuff and things

Didn’t really matter, did not really count, when all things considered,

Content to spend the day Without a Christmas tree.

A time of angelic heralds’ and starlit majestic splendor.

 Of  unheeded candor and murder by a king

 of mourning in Ramah.  A firstborn’s drama 

All foreseen, yet unchanged considered results of an evil

Launched by Adam n Eve pointing a need for a coming redemptive king.


And He Never Said a Mumblin Word

Passion Week Meditations IV.

Today is a day we celebrate in mourning while others enjoy the Schadenfreude. we know that very soon He will turn our mourning into gladness and joy. I have not watched the passion of the Christ since its début on the widescreen. Mel Gibson’s interpretation of the stations of the cross fascinated many in its morbidity without the realization of the Resurrection. For without the Resurrection I am and would be forever still lost. I would be considered by myself and other to be the greatest fools. Sunday is coming!

Where is the fairness in the firing of the star, of the sun, without whom our universe would remain forever cold.

In His sacking we are healed through His undeserved punishment through the scorn and abuse of others we recieve redemption

Through His injustice we receive Grace not Justice for our flaws and sins.

And through it all he cried not out a word in His defense but went willingly to the cross stretching out His own arms to accept the nails.

This is the Man who walked on water who made bread and fish from nothing who raised the dead healed the sick gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf and made the lame walk and the one with the withered hand to be able to stretch out his arms.  do you think He could not have done the opposite and strike his adversaries blind and lame and deaf.

He could have ruled in Jerusalem and the world if He so chose.  His disciple knew this and were there jostling for position in the new cabinet, in the inner circle.  In the end they all left him and betrayed Him with Judas leading the pack.

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