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Who controls your Morale? The rich and powerful?

Raising the moral of the Middle class is not dependent on the whims of the wealthy  or powerful if it were we would never have risen from our roots as a colony. It is the dream of freedom and liberty that spurs us on. In the belief that no matter what if we worked hard save and invest we can create wealth for ourselves our children and our children’s children. WE base this hope in the Divine promise of joy that come with giving, not amassing wealth for wealth’s sake. Of honoring our Creator with our first fruits and giving as God has blessed us. To the Hebrews this meant a tithe and the bringing of the sacrifices of husbandry and field. Jesus said it this way “pay what you owe to Caesar and to God what you owe to him.” His coverage of the temple taxes through providence indicates our faith needs to be in this providence so that no matter who is elected or what taxes are imposed. no matter how onerous, we can depend on the creator to provide all of our needs and more than an earthly father.  His desires are to give us much of what we desire. Our roles is to be good stewards of His largess and live like the sons and daughter of the King honoring Him in all we do.   After all who is more powerful and rich than the Lord God creator of the universe and all it contains!



And He Never Said a Mumblin Word

Passion Week Meditations IV.

Today is a day we celebrate in mourning while others enjoy the Schadenfreude. we know that very soon He will turn our mourning into gladness and joy. I have not watched the passion of the Christ since its début on the widescreen. Mel Gibson’s interpretation of the stations of the cross fascinated many in its morbidity without the realization of the Resurrection. For without the Resurrection I am and would be forever still lost. I would be considered by myself and other to be the greatest fools. Sunday is coming!

Where is the fairness in the firing of the star, of the sun, without whom our universe would remain forever cold.

In His sacking we are healed through His undeserved punishment through the scorn and abuse of others we recieve redemption

Through His injustice we receive Grace not Justice for our flaws and sins.

And through it all he cried not out a word in His defense but went willingly to the cross stretching out His own arms to accept the nails.

This is the Man who walked on water who made bread and fish from nothing who raised the dead healed the sick gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf and made the lame walk and the one with the withered hand to be able to stretch out his arms.  do you think He could not have done the opposite and strike his adversaries blind and lame and deaf.

He could have ruled in Jerusalem and the world if He so chose.  His disciple knew this and were there jostling for position in the new cabinet, in the inner circle.  In the end they all left him and betrayed Him with Judas leading the pack.

Isreal Demonization and Condemnation will things ever change for God’s people

I’ve been talking to my friends on Facebook regarding this latest struggle to destroy Israel from without and within.  I posted an article that Demonstrated the duplicity of Hamas.  If they were truly interested in helping their own people they would welcome food and aid from everyone who would share it.  However it is my belief they would rather starve their own people if it served their political interest much like the african states that keep aid on the docks rotting rather than help their political opponents.


Israel is trying to make themselves look better after they just killed several people on that Flotilla. Israel hijacked that Flotilla from “humanitarians.” (emphasis added to illustrate bias)
Yesterday at 10:06am ·
Jerry Patrick Wood

So why not allow it to be inspected? The Hamas controlled Gaza Strip is where they are shooting missiles indiscriminately into neighborhoods filled with civilians

Inspect it? They were raiding it, it says that in the article you posted, raiding is not the same as inspecting. I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle of the two sides of the story, and we are too quick to side with the apparent “good guys”. Either way the people of Gaza are being oppressed and Jesus called us help the oppressed. Gaza needs missionaries. Palestine needs missionaries just as much as Israel.
Jerry Patrick Wood

So does Israel so lets go! (oops needed to read her statement a bit more carefully I admit  but we do agree)
Jerry Patrick Wood

But what do you do when Hama’s is oppressing its own people sending out their own women and children with bombs strapped their bodies to blow up people who they hate enough to kill their own kin!
Yesterday at 11:35am ·
What would Jesus do? I don’t think he ever would have picked up a gun and shot the bad guys, he said to love your enemy, he laid his life down, as we are called also to do, and if we take a life while trying to save a life we are no longer protecting people.

Interesting thought!   But you dodged my point in that the most oppression of the Palestinians comes from within.  Good morning my precious child, you know how much I love you! Could you run to the store and get your mama some milk and on the way home push this button and blow yourself and everyone around you up!

As far as weapons of mass destruction and ignominious methods of execution the Romans were the leaders in their day as they projected their power and control via the military much as we do today.  Their use and control of the mob is similar to our form of government with it’s flaws and pitfalls.  Jesus did not lead a revolt against Rome as many desired him to do because He was interested in establishing a heavenly kingdom.  Which begs the question should Christian be involved in the public and political debate of our day.  Rather than say Jesus wouldn’t do it and presume to have a secret knowledge of the personality of the Christ which I will not do! Let’s look and people before and after Jesus as an example.  Lets use David a man after God’s own heart and a very bloody King who depended on God to “fight” his battles both politically and physically. Then we will look at Paul who used  his own citizenship to advance the kingdom. Both Men were and are flawed Humans much like ourselves.  they were both led by The Spirit.

WE are talking about God’s people being Threatened with Extinction as in the days of Nazi Germany.  The anti-Semitic Tone being allowed and encouraged today in the press and on our own political scenes is as if we a reliving history.  Today’s Wall street journal reports on turkeys press and demonization of the USA because of our alliance with Israel.   Look at the map and you can see Israel surrounded be countries that wish to wipe it off the map and bisect it.  if you have read your recent history there is not even a Palestinian people but people who were living in Palestine at the time Israel was created.  Technically there were more Israelis in Palestine so if any one deserves to be called the Palestinians it would be Israel itself.  The Palestinian cause was created by the terrorist Yasser Arafat an Egyptian who was one of the modern fathers of the terrorist movement who massacred innocent Israeli athletes in Munich and got away with murder even getting the Nobel prize while refusing any settlement which would have resulted in a Palestinian state.  His idea of compromise is not unlike the aliens in Independence day when asked what we could do to stop the invasion they replied Die!   The Palestinians are merely pawns in an effort to exterminate Israel.  Israel has done more humanitarian aid for the “Palestinian’s” than the entire wealthy Arab World.   Gaza is on the ocean and the opportunities for development are staggering. With infrastructure development and peace and investment this small Country without any need of expanded border could exert far more influence if they would use the assistance offered by everyone to develop what they have instead of keeping its people in poverty for controlling purposes and continuously demonizing Israel and the USA by Proxy.

Does this mean Israel is perfect.  I have never stated so and by example I used two examples of men who were murderous and adulterers who were used by God for a purpose larger than themselves.

Turkey has changed it’s political discourse from peace to ?

Judaism 101: Hebrew Alphabet

Judaism 101: Hebrew Alphabet.

How does one begin to learn hebrew?  With the alefbeth

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