Melody in our Hearts

Well said goes right along what Paul says in Galatians when people want to trade in their new heart for and old one

Daniel Parkins

Look at the heart, and you will see something very interesting.  Most people cannot stand a silent introspection because in the heart we see all kinds of wicked thoughts and behaviors.  We depend upon ourselves for almost everything, we love ourselves as the greatest good, we cater to ourselves as if we were the highest lords, we seek our own ends as if we were the last of anything that mattered.  We are sorely without hope to sing songs to our Jesus, for we are out of tune.

Yet if Christ has called us into His glorious reality, these same self-desiring hearts have become what theologians refer to as “regenerated.”  They have been set straight and right and, according to Scripture, this renovation of the heart has been remade in the image of God.  Because of this, our dependency upon ourselves is replaced by faith in God and trusting in…

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