People will "move"…

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People will "move"…

That is the bugaboo. people always act in their own self interest and only when they have control of their own finances do they have the opportunity to get the joy of giving and if everything is confiscated the tend to hold onto what they would normally give freely. everyone wants to pay their fair share if they have been taught and training with the moral underpinnings. when this is abrogated by the federal government and it’s questionable success lauded” and everyone can see that it was a waste of money, their money they become adversaries and then the government must stomp in with their jack boots and make an example by fear to extract what was normally freely given. IN a poor area of Mexico Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca. I saw building with rebar sticking out of the top everywhere and I asked are they going to finish the construction? I was told NO! as soon as they finish their taxes go up dramatically . hence nothing is every completed. Secondly all businesses fail after a couple of years, because once a business starts to thrive they slap on more taxes. so the business fail and restart with a new entity. this is going to be the norm in the new America when we go after more revenue with a regressive confiscatory class warfare attitude. Those who have resources will protect their interests and hire the accountants and attorneys to keep their earnings and those who can’t will pay the higher cost through the goods and services. With quantitative easing and the devaluation of the dollar we already have hidden inflation because fuel and food are excluded. Prices have risen almost doubled and those who eat and drive just keep paying more and the sales tax also increases on the false value. People are moving because they want hope for a better future and without the ability to own personal property and benefit from their sweat equity they will go to greener pastures and those who stay and can will move their capital off shore .


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