Very well put Mr Munns


Gerald Jerry Patrick Wood wrote:


Very well put Mr. Munns,

A deliberate and open process with all of the parties should be attempted again.  We were almost there 12 years ago and we can be there again.  Can we craft a perfect solution?  Almost never before has that happened.  We in Redondo must stand together and do what is best for our community considering the long term impacts for us and the outlying communities.  We need to use all of our resources to not let this opportunity escape us.  The sky is not falling!  We need to create an environment for a mutually process the benefits both the community and business interests.  To develop this piece of property will be expensive Regardless of it being a park or a mixed use development which I favor.  Redondo Beach has an opportunity to recreate a city where people want to live, to work, and to play.  These are not mutually exclusive goals.  To move next to an Airport or a School or even a police gun Range and then complain show not just callous indifference but a lack of mental capacity to reason perhaps there is a reason the houses were less expensive although still desirable because of the efforts of those who went before them creating an amazing place to live?  What will be our heritage?  Do we pass on more debt without the ability to find a job in Redondo Beach to pay for it?  All of us are concerned about the quality of Air, Water, and the environment. 

No business wants to poison the very constituents they want to sell their products too.  How many safeguards are enough?  What is the risk vs. cost factors involved?  No one want a 20 mile an hour speed limit although this alone would save far more live than shutting down the power plant.  Doing more studies on particulates to support you predetermined position does nothing when you skew the results.  the wind blows where it blows and you cannot separate pollution from the harbor our number one air polluter and number one Job creator, the very automobiles that allow use to travel far outside Redondo To get to a job that allows us to live in Redondo and the power plant which has and will continue to make great stride in decreasing the pollution with and newer plant.

Without sitting down with AES and presenting a plan in our mutual best interests as our Marxist Eco-Terrorist socialists would like to do is not just not in our best interests but counter to the very objective they say they would like to happen.  There is room at the table for everyone.  The objective is not mutually exclusive.  Redondo Beach needs to decide what is in its citizens best interests and fight those who oppose it even it includes the State of California or the federal government.  We need to champion the constitutional rights we are share. Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness with less regulation and rules and nannies.



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