No One Truly Owns the Land

Land Everybody should have some. Not just to hold but to work on and improve and grow and build being Grateful to God for the work He or she has been given to do.

I am not for a minute suggesting we need to go back to an agrarian society however attractive that may seem it was a tough way to earn a living and life expectancy was often rich and full it was often shorter.

Endowed by our creator we claim these rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The latter often is only achieved in the journey not the destination as Happiness as we define it today is so transitory. Like the Illusion of owning the land. No really owns it. All we can own is the right to work it and improve it and our lives in hope. Recently the Un offered an opinion that is so UN American Native Indian.

I was always taught that the Native’s who were here when our ancestors stepped out of their boats was no one can own the land. And to this they were correct, however they did fight tooth and nail for the hunting rights and grazing rights. Our Native american Indians were in a state of constant war and invading and conquering and torturing and slavery was a common way of doing business as they say. Life expectancy was very short if any lived past 50 they were revered as a wise elder. Because they achieved what so few did, Living past 50. either they were extremely wily, lucky, valiant, or all the above.

Which brings us back to the original premise  no one owns the land, God bestows it for us to be good stewards of it. It is not to be owned by some huge Governmental agencies that treats us all life children at best, serfs at worst. The Government was never meant to be the largest landowner in the USA. Until recent history the land acquired was redistributed to the citizens for their ownership and industry.

The land now held by our own Government needs to be given back to the people, period. Saving it our children’s children by not letting anyone use it travel on it develop is UN-AMERICAN. It speaks of a King and Lords and vassals, serfs. Which vanquishes all hope. WE escaped this from Europe and there are those who wish to return us to this system of life with its shorter life expectancy, corruptness, and strife.

Who controls all of the Student loans one Trillion dollars worth? The US Government. Who want to control one fifth of the economy through our medical. The US Government. Who wants to control who lives or dies through abortion and euthanasia to refusing medical care.  The US Government.  Who wants to controls the most Land through the EPA the Clean Water Act, the Environmental Wackos (The preservationists), the national parks system, ….etc. The US Government. Call it a Park and treasure and then put up a fence to keep everyone out! Who wants to control the education system from K through 12 and now through college? The US Government.

In a thinly veiled attempt to secure votes President Obama went to our colleges and basically state if you want to keep you low-interest rates and have your debts forgiven in 20 years. Vote Democrat. Insanity, the carrot and then cede freedom control and then the grave at their choosing not your own.


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