George Zimmerman’s defense

I do not know what occurred the night that ended in the tragedy of the death of Trayvon Martin.   all that has been released are the 911 tapes and the video of George being taken into the police station in handcuffs.  Once the evidence is examined timelines correlated and the plotting of the exact routes taken by Mr Martin and Mr Zimmerman we will have the probable circumstances of what actually occurred.  Barring the inadmissible second hand opinions (hearsay) and the including the presumption of innocence will a jury of His peers (Mr Zimmerman) will end up finding him not guilty or guilty.

That this case has such broad appeal and worthiness is a bit of a conundrum,  except for the chance to remove the right of those who choose to defend not just them selves but the friends and neighbors serving an essential role in community.  this necessary human action is needed in the redevelopment from a crime infested area where police will not go singly but always with back up to a more family friendly neighborhood.  The areas of Darby park and 102 to 140th street from Inglewood to western in Inglewood where I spent much of my formative years descended from the neighborhood we could not afford to line in an overdeveloped apartment infested with broken families and crime because of a lack of such involvement.

We raised my Family for15 years in south western Lawndale sending out children to local schools and one to Mira Costa High School on a permit.  Frequently I was the only  defense to my family standing out in front of my house with no weapon other than God and Holy Spirit as I raised my voice to cry out for Gangs to quit fighting in front of my house to quit jumping over my fence to steal what I have grown.  To stop a young women from being attacked with a knife in front of my house.  My wife experienced two gangs driving down our street shooting at one another over the cabs of their trucks while she walked to the house from the garage. Because We stood my neighbors started to stand as well and our neighborhood where I had and have and will call the police for an extra patrol when I felt it was needed.  I call even today in Redondo beach when I see circumstances where on or two young or older men walking with backpacks up and down our street looking into houses and open garages  Pausing and looking in front and behind them is not normal behavior.   When a white van is slowing tooling around the neighborhood and they are not delivering papers or phone books and slowing and stopping and starting i wonder, are the lost looking for and address I do not know but I watch then I call.

We , myself and my wife have followed a person of unknown age  nor ethnicity when they careened over two lanes turning east from Anza to 190th and plowed into a neighbors fence and attempted to drive away.  We were never told to stop following them  and at personal risk to myself and my wife we decided to follow while she called 911.  Could the person have stopped and pulled out a shotgun or handgun to “Get Away” ?  Yes did I put myself and my wife in mortal danger? “yes”  Would I do it again? “yes”

If we do not stand up & love justice, show mercy, and walk humbly then who are we as a people.  I do not know Mr’ Zimmerman’s guilt I would not presume that because I have not seen all of the evidence.  If more people stood as he did our neighborhoods would be safer.

I understand the difficulties of raising children.  That His parents would allow him unrestricted freedom after he was sent home with Marijuana residue, burglary tools and jewelry in his back pack?  He was allowed to use the internet to post an image of himself as a rap star depicting the gangster image shows his desire to remain above the law and outside of his own parents influence and desire to raise a Godly child.

However I will not convict the parents of neglect but of only wanting to resurrect and image of their lost child as they wanting him to be.  To defend him as they want others to see him and not as he was is still is understandable, however often Children make horrible choices at an even earlier age irregardless of the training love and discipline a parent can give. Sometimes children just turn out rotten by their choices not their parents and they stand alone however society may want to punish their parents.

Trayvon’s parents release a picture of their son that showed him in the best possible light is understandable. to not wait for the facts and want the man who shot their baby/man-child arrested.  That the news would not seek a similar picture of the Mr Zimmerman may be good news but also could sown as a race baiting and  injustice unto itself.

That the neighborhood itself heard the confrontation and did nothing to step in and stop the fight shows neglect on them.

That Trayvon did not call 911 himself shows either hubris of his 17 years or just  poor judgement.

How did we get here?  There were a spate of burglaries in this housing area.  George Zimmerman was there watching the neighborhood to try and help protect it.  His crime was getting involved to make a difference.

This whole story has been ginned up by those who would remove all guns from law abiding citizens in the belief in the goodness of man.  That mistaken belief of just standing in a circle and being non judgmental would solve man’s inherent bent on destruction and evilness.  By calling a good act, evil they desire a large, a huge governmental force that would make everything fair and protect us all is a farce.  All it take for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing.  Just waiting for the police and not getting involved results in ruthless  men running your neighborhood.


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