Freedom Stripped away

there is a balance although precarious offered by our constitution that is offered us not available in our border country that helps stem this tide against personal freedom.  It is attacked by the press and intelligentsia relentlessly.   In a seemly lockstep to total federal control certain rights must be stripped away we are told for our own good.  Irregardless of the results we a further humiliated as criminal in taking a flight to another interstate intrastate destination.  our right to protect ourselves and the ability to throw off tyranny by denying our rights to own weapons for such a purpose.  \

If the second amendment was approved in Mexico citizens could protect themselves and their personal property with the lethal force needed.   If I knew my family was gong to be executed and my head removed with an axe I would protect my “Castle” or die trying my family would them do the same an together possibly die Free but more often live and my neighbors would benefit with a few less gangsters to terrorize them.  If my neighbor joined me on all eight sides we would be formidable and the criminal woudl just move on to terrorize those who are less protected.



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