And He Never Said a Mumblin Word

Passion Week Meditations IV.

Today is a day we celebrate in mourning while others enjoy the Schadenfreude. we know that very soon He will turn our mourning into gladness and joy. I have not watched the passion of the Christ since its début on the widescreen. Mel Gibson’s interpretation of the stations of the cross fascinated many in its morbidity without the realization of the Resurrection. For without the Resurrection I am and would be forever still lost. I would be considered by myself and other to be the greatest fools. Sunday is coming!

Where is the fairness in the firing of the star, of the sun, without whom our universe would remain forever cold.

In His sacking we are healed through His undeserved punishment through the scorn and abuse of others we recieve redemption

Through His injustice we receive Grace not Justice for our flaws and sins.

And through it all he cried not out a word in His defense but went willingly to the cross stretching out His own arms to accept the nails.

This is the Man who walked on water who made bread and fish from nothing who raised the dead healed the sick gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf and made the lame walk and the one with the withered hand to be able to stretch out his arms.  do you think He could not have done the opposite and strike his adversaries blind and lame and deaf.

He could have ruled in Jerusalem and the world if He so chose.  His disciple knew this and were there jostling for position in the new cabinet, in the inner circle.  In the end they all left him and betrayed Him with Judas leading the pack.


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  1. Posted by GospelmanBarry on April 7, 2012 at 7:32 am

    The awesome tool for evangelism “the passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson, is an excellent visual for Christians to meditate on the sufferings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. The dramatic and graphic depictions utilized in this presentation, although most difficult to view, bring tears to most who do not turn their heads or divert their eyes during the brutal scenes (regardless of how many numerous viewings a compassionate Christian has experienced). And this very dramatic presentation ends with the most remarkable scene of the entire motion picture… the stone is rolled away… the tomb is EMPTY!!! Praise God almighty for Mel Gibson’s perseverance to follow through with this glorious movie against all odds.


    • I finally watched it again Last night and the tomb is not only empty but a resurrected Jesus with holes in His hands is walking out! He is not here!


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