Justice Conference: Consumerism

Justice Conference: Consumerism.

As believer in Jesus the Messiah and in his new commands on how we are to live our lives we are called to use Scripture to define and implement into our lives.  While we are citizens of the United States we are also Ambassadors in the Eternal Kingdom Which is now here.  We are to make disciples teaching them to observe all things. this means not just Believer but also those who do not know the way.  In the living stone testimony founded on the rock and cornerstone of our faith Jesus son of Joseph and Mary also the Son of God the I am, the very way we live learn and profess will set us apart as different.  WE are to pursue those who do not know God as he pursued us continuously showering us with Love and discipline.

As we are in this world we need to live by a different economic model that transcend political parties using Scripture.  Proverbs is an excellent place to start.  The gospels are another.  The overwhelming principle defined by the Koine Greek word Arkeo (being Content).  The first verse in John and Genesis is in the Beginning( En Arxe).  Which means when Jesus the son, God the Father, and the comforter the Holy Spirit , and desired to create Mankind and started designing and creating all of creation they had a plan of Relationship and love. He then created/built the world from nothing.  His designs have not changed.

On taxes Jesus taught give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.  This does not mean to me to decide to take money from others and redistribute it.  the model of the tithe and tax is of setting aside ahead of time our obligations.  Jesus always paid his tithe and taxes and His provision came from God as ours does as well.   The percentage did not change according to income level but God’ honors those who give beyond what was required.  If you believe in governmental control and its benevolence,  give generously to that personally.  Trust that God will do the redistribution as he promises in proverbs. Faith and finance website is a great starting point.

When we govern ourselves we only have ourselves to blame.  Tax credits are not tax cuts but merely an attempt to redistribute wealth. There is no such thing as free money free health care free retirement. Social security and medicare and FICA is a tax designed to take from one generation and give to the previous a safety net. Now it has morphed into an essential part of a retirement plan and is not rooted in biblical principles.

All Ponzi schemes eventually collapse. When people are given benefits beyond what they contributed the money runs out with out an ever-increasing base. see Pyramid scheme http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme.  It does not matter who runs them the first in get the benefits and the last lose theirs.

Our responsibilities exist outside our Government.  We are to help the Widows, Orphans, and Aliens.  Having a stand for legal immigration is biblical as we are to follow the laws when they do not contradict God’s laws.  If we truly desire to help we need to take action beyond a vote.  Our very lives are meant to be  sacrificial  and the method of our primary worship.  All to often we wait for someone else to lead. We are all commanded to make disciples and teach.  We do this in our talents and giftedness the community the Believers.  while Prophets historically were often sent out alone,  Jesus sent the disciples out in twos and threes.  They did not first decided to find a place for themselves to meet but went out to plant seeds and water the field by meeting immdiate needs and preaching of the coming kingdom which is now here. As scripture says plant your field first and then build your house, far to often our church planting starts and ends with finding a building and outfitting it for our own benefits.  We wait for the pastor to lead us into battle forgetting we have personal responsibilities. We serve by proxy copying worldly principles of governance and accountability.  Legalistically we approach life with excuses and a check list.

These responsibilities are meant to be in our very lives as we live in integrity, hope, and peace.  While equipped for war and battle our gear is for a spiritual war.  (Ephesians 6:10-16).   How we  interface and what our roles are in this world is in the prior verses addressing our roles in master and servant.  It also talks how we as parents are to raise and what our children’s responsibilities are.

I believe economic freedom and the ability to own private property beyond government control is essential for a self governed people to enjoy what is described in our constitution.  When we abrogate our personal responsibility and try to serve by proxy action we are to do personally, corruption always follows as described in Proverbs.  You are to give from your poverty to God and country.  We live in the great experiment of self governance called America founded in biblical principles and attempting to limit Government’ s tyranny of the few in its very founding documents. The balance and struggle between the three branches Executive, Judicial , and legislative has been corrupted and ignored.  As the federal government acquires more and more power over everyone else’s lives economic freedom is lost and the spirits of mankind are crushed from the taxes on the very souls demand more contradictory regulation and taxes handicap, hobble, and destroy personal initiative and entrepreneurship.

The God who created the universe will provide for our needs and holds us and prevents us from destroying ourselves.  Our faith is in Him.  We are not to live in fear of those who can kill the body but the one who can destroy the soul.  The environmental group that trust in mother earth, the humanist who believe in the human spirit and it’s ability to overcome, adapt, and evolution, The amorality of those who profess It’s all good, Im ok your ok, whatever floats your boat, I can define what is good and right by how it feels, the homosexuals who want to force everyone to accept their sin as just another lifestyle equal to what God has designed, are all false religions with their own holy books they follow.  As they rail against God’s laws and principles they do not rail against us but the creator and He has already declared the consequences of the unrepentant heart.

Our role is to not condemn those who are enemies of God but to offer up our live on the very cross and love them as God loves us.  to love the enemies as they are, see what they are created to be, Reach out, pray for, do goodly deeds for, and continue to speak out for them to return to God( repent) and explain how much God loves them, has sent His Son to die for them and rose from the grave giving us all hope of eternal life as we can become a new creation  and get a second chance to be in direct relationship with our Creator.

While I currently have voted Republican, 50 years ago I would be voting democrat. I am independent of party seeking those who believe in God’s vision as much as humanly possible. I seek to align with those who want to ensure personal liberty,  a smaller government for everyone so that we can have maximum ability try and fail and try and fail until God grants us success.  While he provides for our needs, we are to work diligently with an awesome attitude towards our Masters and subordinates using integrity as defined by scripture.  If I chose to vote democrat I would seek a candidate who follows these very principles.  It does not involve shoving my “religion” down other people’s throats but of using proven principles that result in success and profit for all who work in community which is what our businesses are.  Relying on a corporation is as un-biblical as relying on the government.  Defining a corporation as an individual does not make it an individual.  The use of incorporation to skirt  and shield taxes is wrong.  On the other side corporation should not be taxed as they are not a person.  What you are paid through cash or benefits are to be taxed on an individual .  Company cars company housing company feeding and vacations shielded as a business trip are taxable to the individuals who enjoy them.

A simple tax that applies equally to all regardless of income level is what is needed.  Everyone need to see what their taxes are and pay them for them each pay check personally, no more payroll deduction.  What the company is required to pay on your behalf needs to be given to you and not shielded by deduction as they are not taxed for it.  Medical benefits also need to be given directly as cash to the employees for them to seek out the best value and spend as they see fit.  I recommend they all be tax free.  Having millions negotiating themselves will result in the most efficient health care system we could hope for with maximum benefit for the best price.  Having catastrophic insurance would be the individual responsibility not one that can be shuffled off on anyone else.  The Ama’s choke-hold on the distribution of prescribed drugs needs to be loosened so that those who have suitable training can prescribe at a lower cost .  Medical education and it’s costs should be addressed by allowing those who want to work in this field the opportunity by breaking the monopolistic union of the Ama’s while ensuring quality and safe care to all Americans.

Since housing and owning property is essential to our very freedoms.  all monies spent towards housing should be tax deductible and investments in land or property should be as well.  Removing the mortgage deduction will stabilize home values and reduce the price to its true value.  Having the ability to acquire capital to invest will result in the revenues to self govern.  Services directly and indirectly would be suitably paid for in advance the the surplus could be returned to those who paid in proportion.  This would do an incredible job of ensuring economic freedom and encourage all to provide for their own retirement and employ the maximum of people in community.

Socialism does work when it is voluntarily applied by those who choose to live by biblical standards relying on God’s provision while working diligently with their talents and gifts with sweat equity allowing the growth of capital and goods.  By definition corporations are communities governed by socialistic principles.  However they should be driven by agreement and self interests.

Our military is a socialist organization made up of people who volunteer to serve while they are the most effective to stand up for the principles of self governance of personal liberty which is called freedom.

When we worship ourselves or false gods’ of prosperity through the sacrifice of our children unborn and start to euthanize out seniors, voluntarily make our sexual preferences  primarily To serve our lusts, be is straight fornication or a Gay lifestyle, we will suffer the consequences of our sins.   When we wipe our mouths after sinning and say we done nothing wrong does not make it right.  When we reduce God’s gift of intimacy and procreation to a loaf of bread, we will suffer the consequences.  when we treat each other with contempt and not as God’s treasured blessings, we will suffer the consequences.  When we refuse to forgive and live in graciousness, we will suffer the consequences,  God is not mocked what you plant is going to grow and what you grow you will have to eat.

But do not lose hope because our hope is not in ourselves but in the One who ate all of what we have sown.  God’s only Son took all of our sins and bore them to the cross and paid with his very life the price, however He did rise again on the third day and became the new Adam.  We can become a new creation through believing on Him .  While we are dead because of our sins he can resurrect us as a new creation.  Believe and turn back to God (repent)  confess your sins one to another for forgiveness,  give as you have received. rely on God’s provision and live in the kingdom now regardless of who rules your country, state, city, street, household, you own heart.

Stand and let God lead you into battle not against man but principalities that desire you very destruction and death of your very soul.


May we remain forever in His Grip

Come and be in community if you are not.  We meet in Torrance but we are part of the church of the south bay.  Our messianic synagogue is the the business park on maple and Del amo.  Arkeo’s website




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