Cain the pizza man can deliver reviewing 9 plus 9 plus 9

Ken you and I know that’s where the real money is! with less regulation and government interference via the runaway EPA and other bureaucracies which have way too much un-answerable power to wield corruption abound. I am a republican conservative conservationist and a true environmentalist who believes we are to be good stewards of teh earth God created.

With the tax revenue and simplified tax system thousands if not hundreds of thousands of attorneys irs agents and cpas would have to find another cash cow to exploit. business could lay off many may corporate types whose only job is to decrease the taxes a la GE and other cronies who have snuggle up to our congressmen. These extra weight would free capital to invest in making money for teh shareholders and allow workers to demand more of the cut per se. or start their own business using the principles they believe in. you are in an industry where the are standards that make no sense in the capacity they are being applied.

To b able to save and take risks and fail and save and invest and take risks over until success is achieved is a path I am taking and I know you are too.

The same old tried and true from both parties in control are not working. some of the new ideas may not work either. perhaps adding a bonus system could be used for government workers you save the most money running their divisions could be applied as money in excess could be returned to the citizens each year as a bonus to them as well. Yes and it would be in proportion teh the amount paid.


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