Worship though our political opinions.

God is looking for people to worship with their very lives as they obey his command and come back once into fellowship with him by the redemption afforded by the Son.  It must by more than a song we hum throughout the day but the sum of our activities is what  we offer in praise and thankfulness as He changes our very hearts through His own spirit through the washing of the word as we read His precepts and love his ways.

Politics defined for me is how we act and want our government to act in our behalf.  WE are blessed by God to have a self governing system that we can vote in and out of office.  WE submit but seek justice and candidates that share our values and beliefs as everyone else does.  Apathy often leads to tyranny.   AS we offer our lives people need to know the reason for the evident fruits of the spirit in our lives and we remain in peace knowing our futures are secured and as ambassadors of anothor knigdom we need to represent ourselves properly and act accordingly trying others to submit to God and accept the free gift of salvation.  WE cannot vote in a Christian nation or even change behavior by legislation per se. Although those who worship man and government seem to think they can.


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