President Obama is …?

My nephew Challenged me to write this after a person (not one of my real friends) posted an allusion to the character of our president.

Quite possibly a very loaded statement.  You may not agree with everything he does but He is Our President.  Mind you not just of the democrats, liberals, progressives but republicans, conservative, libertarians as well.  Since he was elected he is doing exactly what he believes he should be doing.  I can respect that!

I don’t have to agree with it though as many of his proposals just seem like retreads of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s.  I fundamentally believe the strength of the United States is in it’s people all of them.  I believe in  the individual striving to improve his lot through Diligence, tenacity, education and just plain hard work.  Of never quitting but trying over and over until by God’s grace Success is reached.  The only leg up we need are the ones God has given us.   I do mean that figuratively as I have had a double Hip replacement and the wheel don’t always stay on track and there are other who have faced far more challenge and yet they are living the American dream of opportunity.

There are those who believe that we need the government to protect us from ourselves.  I find that all too often we need more protection from the government and bureaucracy that accompanies it.  I grow weary of every solution proposed is either more taxes or more regulations or more stimulus or bailouts.   I remember the day when if you didn’t do business right customers left and you closed the doors.  In my industry of airline transportation I experienced almost daily worries of this.  can you remember all of the airlines we flew growing up that are no longer here?  Eastern, Texas internatinol, frontier , PSA, western, Pan Am, TWA, etc.  Several of these carriers were bought up as a shell the employees absorbed.  Today it seems our congress would start harrumphing about being to big to fail which I believe is double speak when there are powerful unions involved who contribute far too much money in the political process.

If you absolutely need for a package to be there at a specific time who do you use the USPS or FedEx.

I digress!  Name calling belongs on the playground!  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even belong there!  Do I disagree with the President?  sure!  Do I want to see more and more and more government taking over all aspects of my life?  Not a chance!

I am a child raised in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember the rebelliousness of my youth, Of the motto question authority, don’t trust anyone over 30 I think?   Of  the youth crying out for freedom and not wanting to be judged by anyone.  Where did they go?  Now that they are in charge I have never seen so many Nanny laws and restrictions.  We have become a generation of no!  Remember the song Signs sign every where the sign don’t do this don’t do that can’t you read the signs? Unless of course if it’s an environmental sign that keeps you from using your own property as you see fit or buy a car you like.  Or choose to not castrate your dog.

Grace and Peace

Gerald Jerry Patrick Wood


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