If you don’t agree with some one Just Attack Sarah Palin.

I don’t agree with everything Sarah Palin says and her positions either.  I believe her choice of John McCain for senator of Az is a very bad choice for someone who professes to be a conservative who values freedom of the individual, Free speech freedom from Government interference in our religions views and our lives as much as possible.   Yes we need to become more energy independent and oil is an important part of the equation but so are other technologies.  I differ from our governments perspective in that we need to free the capital markets so alternative energy can be developed with out government subsidies other than a low tax burden.  The internet shopping experience is an example of what happens when business are allowed to develop without onerous taxation.  energy like food is essential to our economy  taxing make little sense. There are those who say the government needs  to monitor businesses to keep them “fair”?  Well I can see what a fine job they have done with the latest oil spill.  All they have done is get in the way and slow down the process while proposing , You got still more taxes and fees and regulations.

Sarah Palin in the Mensa Group?   Looking at our current politicians from both side of the aisle indicates intelligence is not a requisition for the job,  However common sense goes a long way.  First thing to learn when you are in a hole stop digging!  Second stop repeating the same things the same way and expect different results! Only loonie people do that.  wait if we keep electing the same type of people we are the ones who are the loonies.

I love the definition of a liberal that was alluded to by Ronald Reagan.  “If it moves tax it.  If it is keeps moving regulate it.  Ff it stops moving subsidize it.”

I want to save the world for my children’s children too.  WE need to help the oppressed as well.  I just want to try doing it a different way I volunteer and help one person at a time.

It does matter why you do what you do? Overall we need kindhearted lovers of each other especially family .  Even with those we don’t agree with!


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