Being Pius vs pomposity and the Encyclopedia Jr.

Being Pius vs pomposity

Disagreeing with your siblings is always an adventure. Even on Facebook!  If never fails that a water fight escalates to a dirt clod fight until you are being pegged in the head by a rock as a I was by my older sisters growing up.  You’d think I’d learn my lessons!  Their excuse to my mother was I should’ve ducked.  Of course when you are three years old,  ducking isn’t that easy when you have the huge head bequeathed by my father side of the family.   So you’d think I’d wise up being 53 years old and such but who are we kidding.   You need to learn that when your sister is picking on someone else and mocking them to let sleeping dogs lie!  But no! I want to play too.  When I clearly pointed out she was being mean-spirited in a conversation with her daughter on Facebook with a politician she doesn’t agree with and probably dislikes as well because of her ability to make money she calls me names.  A Pius uninformed galoot.   Wow I am shocked!   Here come the rock.  But wait I have learned to duck!  Through the years I’ve been called many thing but not pius!  Pompous defiantly! Lets see here a couple more, Know it all, brainiac, pointdexter, four eyes  In my defense I’m not that smart in fact I suffered brain damage about ten years ago and lost about 30 points off my IQ.

This all can be traced back to my beloved grandfather Papa and Gammy.  Every special birthday at a certain age we would get a very special present.  My oldest Sister Donna got a tape recorder I was entranced you could record your voice and play it back.  Music too wow pretty cool.  three years later My sister Karen got  a tape recorder and it was a newer model and it recorded in stereo.  I was very impressed!  As children wer known to do I was keep ing track and I saw the upgrade track and I could not wait for my turn!  When my birthday arrived three long year later a large box was presented to me! I was so excited!  I ripped into the paper and found a large nondescript box with the word encyclopedia written on it.   Of course the tape recorder probably had a turntable as well and speaker I first though woo hoo I was excited.  I open the box and inside was , (sigh) and encyclopedia jr set with book case.  I did my best to hide my disappointment and told them thank you.  Funny thing is it was exactly the best present for me.  I loved to read and I read through the encyclopedia stating with the A’s and ending with the Z’s I used them in all of my reports  and research in school.  fortunately and unfortunately i also retained much of what I read making it seem that I was smarter than I actually.  I still love to read encyclopedia’s  and I love it when people think I’m smart. Heavens know each of my daughter have gone through the phase of my Papa’s a dope as they roll their eyes at me.  I have continued the tradition and have given each of my daughter an encyclopedia on their birthday’s and at Christmas but now they call them laptops!

My sister I will probably always disagree with  but I will always love her and I miss her just about every week.  I love to read her posts and hear her thoughts on the issues of life.   Until the day we see each other again Face book is my families life line.  Until the next wedding or funeral!

Grace and Peace



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