What do you do when the Camel has his nose under the tent.

A better title might be Look there is an elephant in the room or the King has no clothes on.

Do immigrants improve the Mettle of the united State is not an issue. Our blood and fire is renewed by the import of fresh and hungry spirits and minds. The question remains of sworn allegiance to the constitution of the USA and its immigration policies and standards. Is the constitution merely property that can be squatted upon like land. Does mere persistence result in rights? At our origins we proclaimed in the declaration of independence that we held these truths to be self evident. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. WE constructed a document called the Constitution to attempt to be a guarantor of these freedoms and have fought and given the blood of our Father, mother sons and daughters. To have thee freedoms usurped and stolen by those who would break the law under any pretense makes a mockery of what they have done. So what to do with those who have jumped the line and come across our borders. Regardless of the any claim of noble cause or the accusations of past wrongs to be avenged or of desperate circumstances fleeing oppression Illegal immigration is still summed up by the wise late When asked about his thought on illegal immigration that late Sonny Bono said: “what can I say, it’s illegal.”

This issue is not about fairness as defined by those who opposed and sanction against those who flaunt our laws while whimpering Poor me or you just don’t understand as if words alone could change the way a law is written. That is done as defined in our Federal Constitution and not as each Constitution of each individual state desires. Arizona recent passing of bill 1070 will be analyzed by its foes and followers and will have its day in federal court. The stated desire of the Arizona people is that the federal government needs to enforce the securing of our borders from those who would invade under any pretense both vile and humane their reasons stated both are not allowed to stay beyond what is agreed upon by both border countries and those beyond our seas. Arizona is suffering because of the failure of the federal government willingness to put the resources and monetary funds into fighting this battle. Both major parties bicker and fawn upon what they see are noble causes while the sovereignty of the United States and its own Constitution is cast aside and walked upon.

If the land just lies fallow and one can just walk in and seize it through the laws of adverse possession you might make a case for illegal immigrations rights through our failures to stop them for years. However where does one put the line on years where does on the other side will not cry foul. 1 year 5 years 10 years or more does seniority apply to those who have broken our immigration laws. I have been a law breaker the longest so I get more rewards? Such Folly!

Local enforcement needs to work hand in hand with federal immigration enforcement. People who hire immigrants do so to line their own pockets and exploit those who in misery must take what is given them without complaint for fear of deportation. They cannot cry caveat emptor when they do not subscribe to due diligence. As advanced as the USA is in Computer Science Facebook does a better job of categorizing information about our citizen ship than the federal government. That is by design. Tyranny will always follow a more efficient government. When we break the law ourselves no matter how we justify it can we escape its penalties?

Small businesses are the lifeblood of America and employ the vast majority of Americans. One does not really work for major corporations either, but rather it is an illusion that we prescribe to. I worked for 21 years at Delta Air Lines and I did so proudly. However though Delta’s name appeared on my check it was merely for service rendered from my own efforts. I and almost all Americans are an at will employee. Even unions who promise security do little to provide but instead enslave their very members robbing them of freedom in the promise of what they cannot give or change by the marketplace. You can pass as many laws and agreement as you wish but you cannot raise or lower the boats on the tides of the economy. Minimum wage laws end up punishing those it portends to help by reducing available jobs based on worker skill levels. People cannot that the risk of capital on the very ones who need to be given a chance. We then do not gather the benefits of new ideas and a fresh hunger.

Immigration policies need to be changed now in both of our border countries and our borders secured by enforcement of these policies. Being a thief who spends their ill gotten gains does not fuel any economy but is merely a redistribution of wealth generated by those who abide by the law. The thieves are both those who immigrate illegally and those who exploit and hire them. We need a partner in mexico and Canada who desires what is best for their people as we desire for ours we need an unprecedented sharing and partnership. American capital need to transcend our border and its accompanying freedoms exported to everyone in the world.


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