What would it cost for California to secure it’s own border? Why not immigrate legally? An open border Question?

I f California were to take matters into it’s own hands what would be the most efficient method of controlling it’s own borders.

Is it difficult to become a US Citizen? What are the barriers?

To Immigrate to the US one must:

Must have either a connecting family member in the US “Sponsor” or

Have a skill set needed in the US IE Software engineer and be sponsored by a US corporation H1b.

Only 50,000 “lottery” green cards a year for applicants with no connecting relatives in the US

Must be able to read and write in basic English

Must be willing to serve in the armed and unarmed forces

Must be of good moral fiber

Must not be a felon

Must be over 18

Must have applied and held a green card for over 4 year 9 months

Must know how our government works basic constitutional knowledge

Must have lived in the US without interruption except for short vacations out of the country unless it is a legitimate Job requirement.

Must have lived in the district where application is filed  for 3 months

Ok Where are the problems?  First off only 50,000 Application are offered if you are not sponsored for the entire world population. Not great odds.  Would making it proportional to countries bordering the US help?

Would Mexico/Canada let Entrepreneurs in the US/Mexico/Canada open citizenship schools in their respective countries.  Certified Graduation would automatically result in a green card.   Reward sacrifice and hard work before entrance in the US.  This could be directly funded by a combination  of NON-profit/profit/ and applicants own funds. It would also shift the burden of enforcement to the countries the schools are in and provide a legitimate pathway to streamlined citizenship. It would create jobs IN the originating countries which I’m sure would like to collect taxes and fees from those trying to leave their country of origin.

If someone only wanted to work in the US and not have to emmigrate a similar guest worker program coudl also be set up.  It could be a way someone coudl test the waters to see if they wanted to go into the green card program.

Shift the responsibility of the guest worker to check in with the sponsoring company as to their whereabouts .  Enforcement would be immediate expulsion.  This would be the price a company would have to pay to hire temporary workers.  On one hand it would increase the cost in proportion to the benefits and reduce illegitimate exploitation of both Guest workers and potential American citizen workers.  while this could result in a temporary increase in agricultural product prices  there could be an offset in reduction of infrastructural cost borne by everyone now.

I don’t like the way this conversation is going.  It sounds like more regulation.  There must be better ideas out there!

There cannot be any enforceable penalties for someone who sneaks in unless there is cooperation between bordering countries?  We must remove the benefits of any government who will not assist The US with more than platitudes.  Without Job creation and opportunities in our bordering countries and aggressive enforcement of our borders by the states that have the borders we cannot hope to stem the tide.  Currently Mexico itself prints little fliers to teach their citizens how to sneak into the US.  If this is true it could be at the least subversive on their part at worst and act of a cultural War.

What are the advantages in streamlining the process?

Entrepreneurship of people who want to live the American dream of unfetter opportunities to succeed and fail.

Competition which we all benefit from

More taxpayers

Less bad feelings.  When you see someone cutting in line un-righteously it violates the sense of fair play held by most people in the world. It leads to selfish anarchy and riots.  Which leads to a fragmentation of the melting pot and enclaves of ethnic groups.

We need to connect with a common language English to improve to the other common language cash profits.

We offered amnesty once http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50359but we did not overhaul our immigration policies to make it unnecessary in the future.  Out leaders just buried their heads in the sand.  Both major parties!

The American Dream is a light that cannot be extinguished from without only from within if we fail to fuel the lamp through a free market and a low tax system with minimal government regulations (the true Robber barons who offer security for freedom)!

Grace and Peace

Gerald Jerry Patrick Wood


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