International Workers Day People United? I love Immigrants!

The Vast Majority of Americans Love Immigrants recognizing that’s how all of us got here. Including the original settlers of this great land.  Its the Line jumping scofflaws demanding rights while enjoying the kindness and largess of the American People that are doing what is clearly wrong and encouraging other to do the same.

We get perturbed/dismayed/discouraged/flummoxed/even a bit angered by the Illegal part of it.

If I get into the movie theater by the side door and don’t get caught am I still doing something wrong?  If 100 of get it?  If the movie theater is 50/50 percent loaded with such scofflaws and we buy some soda and popcorn aren’t we supporting the movie theater.  So what if people who bought a ticket have no place to sit we got here first?  You just want to starve our children how could you be so selfish.  What you say my children are my responsibility?  How Neanderthal! You’re right-wing fascist! After all aren’t we just all immigrants? You want to see my ticket? How dare you insinuate what we all know is true!

Isn’t there another showing they can go to?  If you ask me for my ticket stub you’re picking on me because I’m freckled and you’re just being racist?

May 1st International Workers day is celebrated in other countries too!

May Day has long been a focal point for demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and anarchist groups. In some circles, bonfires are lit in commemoration of the Haymarket martyrs, usually right as the first day of May begins.[6] It has also seen right-wing massacres of participants as in the Taksim Square massacre of 1977 in Turkey.

Due to its status as a celebration of the efforts of workers and the socialist movement, May Day is an important official holiday in Communist countries such as the People’s Republic of China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union. May Day celebrations typically feature elaborate popular and military parades in these countries.

In countries other than the United States and Canada, resident working classes sought to make May Day an official holiday and their efforts largely succeeded. For this reason, in most of the world today, May Day is marked by massive street rallies led by workers, their trade unions, anarchists and various communist and socialist parties.

In the United States, however, the official Federal holiday for the “working man” is Labor Day in September. This day was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor organized the first parade in New York City. The first Labor Day celebration was held on September 5, 1882, and was organized by the Knights of Labor. The Knights began holding it every year and called for it to be a national holiday, but this was opposed by other labor unions who wanted it held on May Day (as it is everywhere else in the world). After the Haymarket Square riot in May, 1886, President Cleveland feared that commemorating Labor Day on May 1 could become an opportunity to commemorate the riots. Thus he moved in 1887 to support the Labor Day that the Knights supported. [1]”

Don’t you realize we just want to peacefully take away what you have worked for because we want it too, and we don’t want to wait our turn or fight for the same rights in our countries.  Of course our country is much harsher in how they treat Illegal Immigrant but that’s just how it is! Get over it!

Can I have my tip now?


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