What is teh Govenmetn Job really

Time for government class again Congress write the laws and spends the money on a limited basis. (legislative) the President sign’s or refuses to sign legislation (veto). It can be overturned by the majority of congress. The president can only make suggestions on what He would like to sign. Rarely if ever does He get his complete way and often signs a mostly good bill and often a mostly bad bill when his courage fails as our current health legislation illustrate just get anything passed cuz we can always modify it later. presidents do not run up deficits directly when congress does he can only agree and collude with them or choose to stand on his principles. Both branches are limited by the constitution which is administered by the supreme court (judicial) which has exerted far more influence than they were designed to by changing by fiat the very principles they were selected to uphold. There is a conflict in the Constitution and it is designed to keep government from agreeing and working smoothly to maximize our personal freedoms. Any government that runs smoothly and well would soon enslave its population with promises of security and benefits as trade for freedom. Stand up Americans and be free of tyranny. Proclaim your are an American by Choice and not just by birth. Know your rights as defined by the constitution. Keep your elected officials of all political persuasions aware that you vote! BTW Congress was originally a part time job and our elected officials were hoping to get er done and go back to their businesses and farms. if you right the law right in the first place you are not needed to go back and revise it!


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  1. I’m so glad I found my sotoilun online.


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