My Way News – Hispanics fear profiling under new Arizona law

My Way News – Hispanics fear profiling under new Arizona law.

Interesting Article.  If I was here illegally I would defiantly fear being questioned. If I was drinking and driving I would fear being pulled over and being checked for  Alcohol.  If I am speeding I fear being caught by a radar gun.  If I am eating a second piece of cake I fear the scale.  Roaches fear the light.  So does Evil.

No one enjoys being caught doing something wrong. Especially if “everyone” is also doing it.  WE are going to be a nation of laws or not.  Our true freedoms are based on a system of playing fair when no one is watching.

The consistent flouting of a law does not in anyway diminish it purpose just it’s effectiveness.  California did not always have 5%+ of illegal immigration.  It is not as though our borders are closed we have a very liberal immigration policy.  WE desire people to come here, work hard, integrate with society and become successful.  If we continue to allow lawbreakers to jump the line and take cuts in front of those who are trying to do it legally  We spit on them along with their co-citizens.  If people are not willing to abide by the laws of immigration how can we trust them to follow any of our laws.

A little but matters greatly.

Gerald Jerry Patrick Wood


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