Chossing to not compete on critical resources and energy issues

There is no rechargeable battery that can power an entire house that will last more than 3 years.  It will cost 10’s of thousands of dollars and be an environment nightmare to control.  Similar to the Mercury spewing CFLs we will soon be required to use.  The true answer is to continue to use fossil based energy as well as develop alternate sources when the cost’s become comparable people will switch as they did when gas was pushing $4.00 a gallon.  Conservation development of smaller self-contained terrestrial energy generation units is a better course of action because it is using known technology.  Where does (nuclear fuel)  terrestrial energy come from?  It’s mined from the ground and refined.  What do you do when it is used.  Well you can recharge it and use it again and again.  When it gets to the point of useful obsolescence.  You put it back under the ground where you originally got it from in the same state covered by dirt until you can dig it up and use it again!  We are hot to use Solar radiation.  More people die from melanomas from this exposure to radiation slowly and painfully  than have died for nuclear radiation. including Hiroshima, Nagasaki, all the fall out from nuclear accidents,  military testing,  the Curie’s experiments and early 19th century Quackery


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